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Protecting Your Skin from the Wintery Cold

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As the seasons change, so do the needs of our skin. The techniques you are used to using to keep your skin glowing and healthy in the summer won't give you the same results in the winter. Winter weather is unique. You won't find any comparisons with spring, summer, and autumn weather. Fortunately, it isn't that difficult to plan your wintertime skin care regimen. Our focus in this report is to present to you with a selection of effective ways to take care of your skin during the winter.

Avoid using masks, peels and other skin treatments that might be unnecessarily harsh. Because winter weather is usually cold and dry, your skin becomes more sensitive to the elements. The products you use during the summer, such as masks to reduce the size of your pores and dry out your skin, aren't beneficial to your skin in the wintertime. If you must use a facial mask, find one that hydrates your skin. Stay away from masks that are made from clay, because all that they are going to do is dry out your skin. Your body has moisture needs that you must meet also, not just your skin. This is easy enough to do by making sure to drink enough water every day. It is important that you understand that the water you drink won't do much for the overall condition of your skin, but it keeps the inside of your body healthy which can help keep you from unnecessarily drying out. Another benefit of adequate water consumption is that it will help stave off illnesses during the winter months.

Keep your feet properly moisturized with lotion. The foot creams you use in the summer are great, but they aren't adequate for cold weather use. In the winter you need something thicker, like petroleum jelly or lotions that contain glycerin. Keep the dry skin on your feet sloughed off - with a special lotion for this purpose or a pumice stone - and then apply the thicker, richer foot lotion. The moisturizer will then infuse deeper into the skin of your feet and stop the dryness. One good oil that is very good is Jojoba Oil, which has extraordinary penetrating qualities. As you know, you should change your socks when they get wet to protect your skin. Using deeply infused rich creams on your feet will keep your skin protected until such time as you can change into dry socks.

The good news is that you don't simply have to suffer through the winter months. There are lots of ways you can keep your skin free of blemishes, with that wholesome look. Try to remember that it might take some trial and error to figure out which products work the best so don't get frustrated if the first product you buy is not a miracle cure, you can always try something else.

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